Welcome to Countdown Resources

This website was created to help you improve at Countdown.

Whether you’re an armchair viewer or a Countdown obsessive, there is something here for you.

The website is divided into letters, numbers and conundrums, much like on the real show.

Letters pages

Letters round advice and techniques
Word validity
Strategies for picking letters rounds
Tips and advice for focused word learning
Top 100 words
Top 1,000 words
Top 10,000 words

Five vowel 9s list
Complete list of words ordered by how useful they are for Countdown

Numbers pages

6 small
1 large
2 large
3 large
4 large

Conundrums pages

How to approach conundrums
Lists of conundrums

And finally

If you want an online Countdown game, head to Apterous. It allows you to play Countdown online against anyone from casual viewers to past series champions.